OVER 100 classes per week!
Yellow classes are available only to Platinum members  

            White classes are available to Gold and Platinum members

             We want to build the perfect schedule for our members! 
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5:15a Room X Workout 1
5:45a Cycle 45
6a Sprint 8 Turf
6:15a Room X Workout 1
8:30a Room X Workout 1
9:00a Boxing Bootcamp
9:00a Zone Cycle

9:15a Slow Flow Yoga
10a Shockwave
12p Boxing Bootcamp
12p TRX Cycle

4:30p TRX Level 1
5:30p Sprint 8 Circuit
5:45p Circuit Cycle
6p Room X Workout 1
6:15p Hiit Bootcamp


5:15a Room X Workout 2

5:45a Barre Cycle

6:00a Hiit Bootcamp

6:15a Shockwave

8:30a TRX Level 1

8:45a Cycle 45

9a Room X Workout 2

9:15a Sprint 8 Turf

9:30a Circuit 101

10a Cycle HIIT

12p Cycle 45

12p Sprint 8 Circuit

3:30p Room X Workout 2

5:30p Buti Yoga

5:45p Barre Method

6p Room X Workout 2

6:15p Bikes & Bands

7p SO FIT strength

5:15a Room X Workout 3
5:45a Cycle 45
6a Inferno Sculpt
6:15a Room X Workout 3

8:30a Power Yoga
8:30a Butts & Gutts
9:00a Room X Workout 3
9:15 TRX Cycle
9:30a Sprint 8 Turf
10a Cycle HIIT
12 Shockwave

12 Core Cycle
4:30p Circuit 101
5:15p KB Bootcamp
5:45p Cycle 60
6:00p Room X Workout 3
615p TRX Strength

5:15a Room Xtreme Workout 1 
5:30a Boxing Bootcamp

5:45 TRX Level 1
6a Zone Cycle
6:15a Room Xtreme Workout 1

8:30a Cycle 45
9a Shockwave
9:15a Hiit Bootcamp

10a Metabolic Meltdown
10a Cycle HIIT
12p So Fit Strength
12p Sprint 8 Turf
3:30p Room X Workout 1
5:30p Hiit Bootcamp

5:45 Power Yoga
6p Room X Workout 1
6:15p Cycle 45
7p KB Bootcamp

5:15a Room X Workout 2
5:30a Cycle 45
6a Sprint 8 Circuit
6:15a Room X Workout 2
8:30a Buns and Guns

8:30a Slow Flow Yoga
9a Circuit Cycle
9:15a Room X Workout 2
9:30a Zone Cycle
10a TRX Strength
12 Shockwave
12 Barre Cycle

4:30p So Fit Strength
5:15p Core 30
5:45p Inferno Sculpt
6p Room X Workout 2
6:15p TRX Cycle

7:30 TRX Cycle
8:15a Room X Workout 3
8:45 KB Circuit

9a Cycle 60
9:15a TRX Level 1

9:15 Room X Workout 3
10:30a Vinyasa Sculpt

12p Cycle 45

8:15a Room X Trainers Choice
8:30a Power Yoga
9:00a Boxing Bootcamp
9:15a Room X Trainers Choice

9:15a Cycle 45
10:15a TRX Strength
12p Mat Pilates