Our SGT classes, included in our Platinum membership, are capped at only eight people to provide personalized attention in a small group setting. Our personal trainers and certified coaches incorporate drills designed to enhance speed, agility, power, strength and quickness to help you reach your peak fitness. Come see what you're made of!
Gold members upgrade at the front desk today to take advantage of these amazing classes!

HIIT Bootcamp: This indoor/outdoor class combines core, strength training, and cardio intervals to promote muscular endurance and cardio health. Using a combination of body weight exercises, medicine balls, kettle bells, resistance bands and free weights…no two workouts will ever look the same! 

Strength &Conditioning: This class will help you build power and strength while burning major calories. Learn proper lifting techniques and functional movements while improving cardiovascular endurance. Barbells, weighted balls, sleds and bodyweight exercises are the name of the game in this class. Come see what you're made of! 

Kettlebell Circuit: This dynamic class uses kettlebells to provide a full body workout. Our certified kettlebell instructor will coach you on learning good kettlebell form while building muscle and increasing stamina. 

Sprint 8 Plus: A cardio and strength workout designed for ALL fitness levels. The first part of this 45 minute workout is 20 minutes of high intensity - low impact cardio that stimulates growth hormone which torches fat. The second 20 minutes will focus on full body strength training. This workout is everything you need to get stronger and more fit! In order for you to see results, you have to be working at max effort - which is almost impossible to do on your own. You need the energy from a group and the attention from our personal trainers and certified coaches! Trust us - you need this class!